Subacute Care and Rehabilitation

Following a hospitalization because of surgery, illnesses or accidents, patients may require additional medical attention and therapies before they return home to normal activities.

Zmedi’s Subacute Care and Rehabilitation team of medical specialists will provide the help and care needed for a complete recovery.

For Our Hospitals

When your patients have completed a stay in your hospital, additional medical supervision is often needed to ensure your patient finally goes home safe and sound, without a readmission to your hospital.

Zmedi’s Subacute Care and Rehabilitation team, led by advanced practice nurses in partnership with Asad Zaman, MD, will bridge the gap between hospitalization and home care, improving patient health and reducing readmissions.

Because we are specialists in long term care, subacute care and acute care, we can closely monitor your discharged patients at rehabilitation, skilled nursing facilities or in their home. We’ll monitor vital signs, wound healing and overall recovery, oversee therapies, and provide any needed preventative care.

At the first sign of challenges, we’ll step in to manage medications and order therapies to keep your patients firmly on the road to recovery and not back to your hospital.

For Our Facilities

When a medical challenge requires a supervised recovery after a hospital stay, we know a short-term subacute care or rehabilitation facility is the best choice. When you welcome Zmedi into your facility, you are welcoming expert, high-level medical supervision to support your existing resources.

Zmedi will begin supervising patients upon admission. Our team members will fully understand health and recovery goals and provide collaborative care coordination. We’ll facilitate communication between the patient, your rehabilitation facility, and the primary care professional.

The Zmedi team will provide 24/7 supervisory services and support, ensuring that your -and our -patient continues to recover.

For all of us, the goal is to intervene and treat any medical challenge as soon as possible, so our patient can return home instead of to the hospital.

With the Zmedi team, hospital readmission rates are reduced and patients under our care typically reduce the length of their stay in rehab or nursing facilities.