House Calls

Fax: 708-893-0934

For patients who are homebound, disabled or have considerable difficulty visiting our offices, we offer House Calls.

House Calls is Zmedi’s unique mobile medical services, bringing the highest quality of care to your doorstep. With Dr. Zaman consulting, Reenu Varghese is the Certified Nurse Practitioner providing your care. Reenu’s dedication and enthusiasm goes beyond your blood pressure and temperature. Reenu is interested in improving the quality of your entire life through outstanding medical services, comprehensive education, and compassionate care, making her a real partner in your health care.

When you contact House Calls, we’ll give you a 90-minute window for our arrival to your home. House Calls provides care on the south and west sides of Chicago and in the near west, south and southwest suburbs. Everything needed to attend to your care is in our vehicle, making our visit very simple for you. After our visit, our coordinator will call to schedule your next appointment.

Whether your need is urgent or chronic, Reenu and a medical assistant will take the time to understand your full medical history, perform a head-to-toe physical including all vital signs, and determine the correct diagnosis. Your medications will be refilled, delivered right to your door, and many labs can be conducted on your premises. A fall assessment can be completed.

Our goal is to improve your functionality, reduce any hospitalizations and enhance your overall health. We can help you set up and operate medical equipment. We’ll discuss preventative care, proper nutrition and any physical therapy and exercise. We can make regular follow-up appointments, or report back to another physician.

Because we are interested in your overall quality of life, if necessary, we can make arrangements with meal providers, make referrals to specialists, counselors and social agencies, and coordinate wound care. Advance directives can be arranged.

When you are unable to visit our offices, House Calls is your real partner in health care. We bring our advanced knowledge, quality technology and compassionate care right to your doorstep.